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I'm Debbie

I am Debbie, a certified herbalist, a wife to my soul husband Steve, a mother of three beautiful women, Nandee to three amazing children and owner at Heartland Agistment. With so many roles, I have always faced my life and challenges with full love and laughter, with a strong work ethic, and with a “never give up” attitude.

One of my greatest challenges happened 16 years ago. A nasty horse accident left me with chronic pain that no medical professionals could help nor heal. My body was suffering from this ever-present pain and I was on numerous strong medications to get me through my days.

This event leads me to explore other methods towards improving my overall health and wellbeing. That is when I pursue and became certified in Herbal Medicine, and I realized the potential to share my knowledge and help the community towards a healthier life.

Equipped with the knowledge as an herbalist, I continue my journey to discover more methods to better wellbeing and that is when I discovered Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionizers. Since I began drinking Antioxidant-Rich-Alkaline Water, my health and wellbeing have significantly improved over time.

Today, I no longer take any pharmaceutical medication and I gained back full mobility of my neck. The inflammation has left my body, and now I have the freedom to enjoy my life to the fullest again without any interruptions. Today, I can enjoy the many activities that I get to experience with my family and with my lovely horses.

I am inspired to use my knowledge and experience to help Australian families like you get an uninterrupted life so that all of us can have the freedom to enjoy our lives to the fullest.


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What is Kangen Water?

Kangan Water – in Japanese means “return to origin”, is a delicious, smooth tasting hydrogen-rich, ionized water with a range of incredible benefits to support the body.

The scientific name for Kangen Water is “Hydrogen-Rich’ Electrolysed Reduced Water’. The three key properties are:

  • Alkalized (helping to remove unnecessary acidity from your body to support many diseases that thrive in an acidic environment)
  • Charged Antioxidant-Rich (assists to reduce the aging process and any cell damage to your body)
  • Micro-clustering (smaller molecules aiding faster absorption into your body for optimal hydration)

The single most important you can do is drink the right water and plenty of it! Proper hydration is the key ingredient to keeping all your cells healthy and pH balanced.

Choosing to drink healthy Kangen Water is one of the most important first steps you can take to improve the quality of your own health and the whole family.

Choosing to drink healthy alkaline Kangen Water can improve the quality of your health and your life. For more information about Kangen Water, you can visit this website. It’s full of interesting articles and videos explaining in more detail how Kangen Water can improve different aspects of your life.

Disclaimer: Many people worldwide are sharing their own positive experiences from consuming fresh Kangen Water™ daily. I am not allowed to share my positive experiences due to the ‘Therapeutic Goods Association’ (TGA) not permitting to disclose information.

About Enagic

Change Your Water, Change Your Life.

If you are yet to hear about the amazing benefits of drinking Antioxidant–Rich Alkaline Water, from Hospital grade Enagic Water Machines, settle in.

Enagic is a privately owned company founded by Hironari Oshiro in 1974. For over four decades, Enagic Water Systems has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionisers and water filtration machines worldwide. With its revolutionary water electrolysis technology an Enagic Machine converts ordinary tap water into five different types of pH water.

Enagic International is the number one company worldwide, leading the way with the performance and quality of water that is contributing to living healthier lives. It’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certified for quality control and environmental management. It has product certification from the Water Quality Association Gold Seal and it’s a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

For even more information regarding the benefits of Enagic Water Ionizers you can contact me with no obligation.

Get ready to create a space for change! 

Going Green

Are you thinking about going green to help protect our environment? If you are, often the first step is to embrace a sustainable life within the home.

You may have already looked at ways to reduce waste and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that can damage our body and the environment. You will have found there is a lot of information with many choices that can seem overwhelming if you are not 100% sure.

Living, creating, and implementing a safer and sustainable life is not as hard as you think. For more information on minimizing waste and protecting our environment please contact me. I will provide information that not only simplifies your life but shows you why it is incredibly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Going green will give you peace of mind that you are contributing to our magnificent planet and knowing you are protecting the whole family.