July 2, 2021
By Debbie Taylor
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We all like the idea of being healthy, and for me, one great way has been the introduction of Juicing.

It is a fun, creative, and easy way to add fresh produce to your eating regime, flooding your body with wonderful life-giving, life-enhancing, and life-protecting goodies to nourish your body.

How much do you know about juicing?

The first is that juicing is a secure way of adding vitamins, minerals, alkaline mineral salts, chlorophyll, and electrons to your body for optimal health.

The nutrients are more concentrated and much easier and quicker for the body to absorb. Your body gets more of what it needs with less food; how great is that? Let’s also not forget that fresh is best!! 

Making your very own juices is guaranteed to be free of additives, many of which cause eczema, asthma, and other allergic reactions!!

Creating your juices will boost your body’s energy, vitality, and immune system a win-win!!!

Remember, the most important thing is to clean your fruit and vegetables thoroughly. I use our Enagic Water Ionizer 11.5pH, an emulsifier ensuring all the herbicides and pesticides are removed.

Buying from the supermarket 

At this point, you might be wondering, “Why would I go to that effort when I can just buy ready-made juices at the supermarket?’

Firstly – there is NO comparison!!! Your body is deprived of the necessary vitamins and minerals (and much more), which have been stored in bottles over a few days or some time.

Many of the “Fruit drinks” are full of sugar and are approximately 90% water and a whole lot of chemicals, so no benefit at all, especially to children when the sugar kicks in!!

The bottom line with this is if it is not freshly made, it defeats the purpose of why you are juicing in the first place.

Drinking Juices with a Purpose in Mind

In the beginning, I was drinking juices because they looked good, knew that they were great for my overall wellbeing and livelihood, and it was cool!!

However, once I started having a better understanding through the study of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, I quickly realized how beneficial and the role juices play in many areas of our lives.

With all vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other ingredients used to make up juices, it is no surprise they all play a fundamental role in helping to avoid illness and disease.

Juices can support so many aspects of our life. Firstly to boost energy levels, cleanse, detox your system to help eliminate the toxic build-up of the Western Diet.

Secondly, juices are designed to specifically improve vitality and support your immune system, even your sex drive!!

Thirdly juices are used to “Drink to Heal,” supporting your body to treat a specific illness.

Lastly, juices to assist with weight loss.

Last word

There is sooo much more to be written about with this topic, and I will endeavor to over the coming weeks. So whether you are looking for uplifting pick-me-ups, all-around wholesome goodness to support your overall wellbeing, juicing should be considered in your daily routine.

You will feel healthier and happier that everything in your life will start to have an overall higher performance.

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